How To Choose A Crepe Maker

Published: 25th June 2010
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Creating homemade crepes need no longer prove a hassle. When you desire to stop purchasing frozen crepes and wish to make them when you need them in your kitchen instead, here are a few ideas on how to select the best crepe maker available for purchase.

Crepes are often not as simple to create as they sound. It takes time and practice. When choosing a crepe maker, select one that is the easiest to use. If you are thinking about purchasing one, ensure that you find a pan which is constructed out of material that is quick to heat up evenly. A conventional crepe pan is composed from steel and it is shallow. The majority are made from aluminum, stainless steel or iron, all of which prove to cook relatively evenly. Furthermore, being able to control the heat is an essential element to consider when deciding on a crepe machine as it will enable you to have greater control over the cooking of your crepes.

There are a number of styles to select from. One specific style is designed to be used on the top of the stove. This style looks akin to the upside down pan. It features a curve which holds the batter. When the pan has heated up, batter can be poured into it and the batter will begin to cook. Fillings like fruits and cheeses are able to be added. In no time at all, you can make delicious crepes. One of the many advantages of this design of pan is its ability to cook crepes in a minute or fewer. While it may prove simple to use, it does prove more expensive in comparison to other types of pan.

Another style of crepe maker is the electric crepe machine. These machines appear and work akin to pancake griddles. Once the batter and the filling have been added together, the crepe is flipped over and in only a few minutes, you will have created a fresh crepe for your own enjoyment. It presents all the advantages of a conventional crepe pan, plus the additional advantage of heat control. Heat control ensures that the crepe cooks evenly and hence produces results that prove more consistent. An electric crepe machine comes in two styles - dip, flip and cook and skillet. The advantage of crepe machines of this variety is that they can be purchased for under $50. However, these machines are not as simple to use as stovetop models.

Some of the top crepe machines available for purchase include Villaware V5225 Crepe Maker, Cucina Pro, Cecilware, Krampouz and World Cuisine Tibos crepe makers. The home models vary in cost from $35 and $50. Professional grade models on the other hand cost around $400. It can be helpful to read the customer reviews on the models in order to decide on the best model for your requirements.

By buying a crepe machine, you will be able to create and enjoy fresh crepes in the comfort of your home.

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